Part Payment Guide

As you guys know we are the only event on the Dub calendar that offers this facility, the ability to pay for your tickets in instalments, so spreading the cost of a family bank holiday weekend over several months to lessen the initial expense. I've put together a guide below to guide you (Yes you Sharon!) through the process and explain how it all works.


Instalment Plans.

There are 6 to choose from and these will be disabled in turn the closer we get to the event as the balance needs to be paid by April. They are pretty self explanatory and range from "25% and 6 monthly payments" to "25% and 1 monthly payment" 



How does it work?

Well basically you add all your tickets to your cart and process the order using the part payment method. You'll then be emailed your initial payment link, and then another link every month until it's paid, yep, it's that simple! For a step by step guide please see below. 



How to pay via our part payments module.


  1.      Add all the items you want to your cart you want, making sure you have added the same amount of group tickets as camping passes, then proceed to the checkout. 
  2.      At the checkout, enter your name and contact number to your tickets.
  3.      Fill in all the information needed to create an account and click save, and please add any registration numbers you will be attending in as there will be ANPR cameras at the gate that will just let you in. If you are not sure you can add this at a later date in your log in area, but please make sure you do else you won't be able to get in. 
  4.      On section 3 you have the option to either pay in full using the "Pay with your card or Paypal" button, or if you wish to pay in instalments click the "Partial Payment" button. 
  5.      You then have the option to choose your plan. you can click on different plans and see how much it will cost initially and then how much a month. Select the plan that suits you and then click the blue "Confirm My Order" button. 
  6.      You should now see the green " Congratulations, now you can review and make payments: My partial payments" AND you will receive and email with your order confirmation, and your first invoice. You can either click on the link in the email or just click on the "My partial payments" link in green. 
  7.      You will now see in front of you two lines, the top one is your order that says "Accepted" and just below it is your first instalment which will say "Waiting" and on the same line there will be a link that says "Payment link", click on this link and you will be taken to a product called "INVOICE REFERENCE: XXX (ORDER NUMBER: XXX)" this is your instalment, so add it to your cart, proceed to the checkout and pay via paypal or card. 
  8.      You will then receive an email every month with a link until the whole order amount is paid, then your tickets will be available in your "My tickets" section of your log in area. 


I hope that's as accurate as it can be but as ever if you are having problems (Sharon) do get in touch as we'd love to hear from you!